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Eye Dominance Problems? We specialise in problems caused by cross eye dominance. This affects over 30% of clay shooters. Advice is given on possible solutions including special tinted and vision obscuring accessories.

OUR SPECIAL TWO PAIR OFFER ONE Pair £179.90 TWO Pairs £289.90 Many clay shooters require different coloured tinted lenses for different light conditions. Please see our range of tinted lenses. All our lenses are designed to optimize clarity specifically for clay and game shooting in various light conditions. Save £s on your selection of various tinted ZEISS-SPORTS Prescription Shooting Glasses. Please do contact us if you wish to discuss all your options on: Telephone: 01275 838 532.

The new shooting glasses from Zeiss. They feature a wide, super soft silicone bridge. The bridge can easily be height adjusted for individual use. Comfort and stability is enhanced with the new spring loaded sides and soft end covers.


These lightweight, rigid, full rimmed, matt black frames feature exceptionally large lenses for maximum field of view.


The new height adjustable bridge ensures unobstructed viewing in all directions especially in the head down position. The super-large lens measures 64mm by 40mm deep. Viewing centrally through the lenses when shooting will maximise your visual performance

Non-standard tints also available. NEW Rain Off superclear, reflection free, hard coating NEW. Please contact us for advice on: 01275 838 532.
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