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Shooting Vision Opticians The Premier Company Supplying Shooting Specific Prescription Glasses in the UK. Call: 01275 838 532


We can post you our information pack with charges for the various shooting glasses and lens options. Please tell us for which sport. (target pistol, rifle, open-sight rifle, practical, clay or rough shooting or archery).

Simon Goldsmith is an independent optometrist. He has been in practice in Bristol for over 25 years. He also attends his practice at Bisley during the major meetings. He specialises in vision problems relating to target sports and clay shooting. He has lectured and written various articles on vision aspects of shooting. He regularly provides sports vision assessments at his practice in Bristol and during the main meeting at Bisley. This includes advice on prescription modifications, eye dominance and tinted lenses. Contact us for an appointment for your vision assessment on: 01275 838 532.
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